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December 2019
Congratulations to Northern California’s Athlete Lupe Gutierrez.
She won the 2020 Olympic Trials @ Lake Charles Convention Center in
Louisiana and is the 2019 National Champion.
  Gutierrez  fought six times
dropping 1 win to Chula Vista CA Andrea Medina. Gutierrez and Medina
would fight again in the 2020 Olympic Trials Finals where Gutierrez
redeemed her loss with a split decision win.

Since this was a double elimination tournament Medina and
Gutierrez fought in a box off
  on Monday 12/16 and Gutierrez won
by split decision. Lupe leaves for Colorado Springs on 1/2 and then for
Bulgaria later in the month.



December 2019


Congratulations to the Northern California Athletes that
have qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials.


Mariana Gonzalez, 119F - Sunnyvale

Lupe Gutierrez, 125F - Sacramento

Alexis Gomez, 165F - South San Francisco Kevin Montano,
125M - Concord Charlie Sheehy, 138M - Brisbane


The Olympic Trials will be held on December 7 - 15 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
They have worked very hard for this accomplishment and the LBC wishes them
"Good Luck!". Also, congratulations to the Coaches- Antonio Renteria,
Sonya Hernaes, Gary Sullenger and Miguel Rios for their dedication and
devotion to their Athletes.

The LBC has provided financial assistance for these Athletes.
LBC Board of Directors

Charlie Sheely
Kevin Montano
Kevin Montano

Mariana Gonzalez

Lupe Gutierrez

Alexis Gomez  

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Official's Clinic
OCN: 2001-02-38
Clinician: Pat McTiernan (650) 370-9207
Where: King's Gym, 843 35th Ave,
Oakland, CA  94601
When: Sunday, January 19th, 2020
Time: 9:00am
*Must be registered, completed
SafeSport, CDC Concussion*

 Official's Clinic
OCN: 2001-01-38
Clinician: Don Rivera (916) 296-0303
Where: 7628 Woodland Lane, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
When: Sunday, January 19th, 2020
Time: 9:00am 
*Must be registered, completed
SafeSport, CDC Concussion*




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